These past few days have been mentally exhausting.

But yesterday’s events really took the cake.

If anyone knows of an accounts opening, please let me know! I am very keen especially if the company has more younger than older people, and there should also be less kings and queens than ants.

I realised that I have been holding in so much lately that yesterday I broke down after certain stuff happened.

This company has too many old people, hence the environment and culture is not friendly at all. At anytime, you may be backstabbed. It can be a warzone so I have to be careful at all times.

But I am also blessed to have a very supportive boss. It’s been comforting knowing that she understands my rants especially since my rants have doubled, tripled recently.

Anyway, it has been a pretty insane week but I’m holding up, taking everyday 1 day at a time.

It will all pass…

7th Anniversary

Celebrated our 7th anniversary on Friday at Zafferon in Ocean Financial Centre. All dressed up for the occassion.

7 years is a long time. Both of us think so.

My mom mentioned before when we were still a young couple, that our faces stick together when we take photos. 😅 i guess it's still somewhat true.

7 years down the road, we are much fatter lol. All the good food that we have been eating…

But let me put a disclaimer since my family always think that I eat good food. Some nights after work, my dinner can be 2 pieces of peanut butter bread, or it can be some biscuits and a cereal drink. It's not always good food.

Just like not all that you see on social media is true. The pictures that I choose to upload on social media are all happy ones. But during our dinner, there were some unhappy moments which I intentionally left out (for good reason).

When my life is shit, you don't see me whipping out my phone to record it down. Who wants to capture and relive those shitty moments anyway.. haha.

Back to what went down that night…

Smoked salmon which is so damn good.

Lobster pasta for him.

Ravioli for me.

I love ravioli and this is the best one I ever had! And can u count how many pieces there are?

There were 2 choices: 5 or 7 pieces.

Of course I had to take 7 coz 5 is a bit not worth it. And 5 pieces is too little! It's not like we will come here again in the near or far future, so just go all out la! Hahaha

I need to learn how to make this atas lava cake. I made one before in uni days and it was really a basic one.

But this, trumps all lava cakes. Let me show you why…

He's preparing the flambe thingy…

So cool right? Flambe liquor…

His tiramisu is so good too. I had 1 bite then I continued to savour my lava cake. Hehehe.

Moscato for dessert. White wine for mains.

So stuffed but there's always a huge stomach space for dessert 🤣

We moved out to the terrace for some beautiful views (and music). I was so sleepy and having food coma but he was still so awake lol.

Last photo!

First time having dinner at Haakon at 313 Somerset. This green curry lite chicken and rice is quite nice, just a little too spicy for me 😅

Kimmy and I went to Don Don Donki after that so that I can get my dessert fix. Heheh.

I love love love ohagi! It's sort of like mochi. From left to right, soybean, azuki red bean, black sesame.

Inside, they filled it with legit red bean paste. The soybean is super delicious.

Actually, all 3 are really good! I'm just a big fan of Japanese food. Haha!

AIA Vitality | Fitbit

Anyone on AIA vitality?

I just signed up for one and I'm intending to get myself a Fitbit Charge 2.


It has a 24/7 heart rate monitor which is pretty cool. The app can calculate your cardio fitness level as well so that's pretty cool.

These are the standout features. My current free fitness tracker from the HPB is too basic. And I always wanted one that can measure heart rate so that I know how hard I'm pushing myself when I do HIIT workouts.

These are the essential features. Compared to Fitbit Alta HR, this Charge 2 has the smart track function.

You can select different modes such as interval workouts which I foresee I will be using it a lot. Hahaha!

I'm not sure about the colours though. Their bands are interchangeable. They have leather bands, sports bands, and classic bands. So there's that option in case I want to match outfits for events (eg).

Black is the most classic plain band that screams "fitness tracker here!"

Navy is alright. But I'm not sure if it will look too 'boyish' on me.

Plum is nice.

I'm quite torn between the colours. Hahaha! I really cannot decide so I shall check them out at a physical store 😅

I had this pretty nasi lemak with cereal chicken at CT Hub coz we wanted to try something new.

This was $5 and quite a small portion. There were only 2 pieces of small drumstick. It's quite nice but it's not filling for me. My colleagues, who are small eaters, were full though. Lol 😂

Met up with Cheryl who came to sg to volunteer ☺

I'm so glad that she contacted me hehe.

Initially, she asked if she can bunk in with me. Then it became a meet up and catching up session.


Enchantress 😍

Played dota last night with 🐷 til 1am and I haven't showered. It was the fastest shower ever lol.

Decided to try out Jinjja Chicken at Clementi Mall basement coz we don't know where to eat.

Usually lunch after church is eating with his church mates but sometimes no one is free for lunch.

I decided on 3 drumsticks coz we wanted to eat Chateraise ice cream after this. They have more selections here than the branch in City Link Mall. So yeah, 3 drumsticks which I initially thought will be quite little.

Turns out, I'm so wrong. After eating 1 huge drumstick, I was feeling full already.

Persevered and continued on the 2nd one. Halfway through, I was telling him that I'm dying. Hahahahah! I was dreading the chicken somehow… but yet the seasoning and sauce was nice.

Both of us had soy flavour so it became quite 'gelat' after awhile.

I gave away my third drumstick to him in exchange for his smaller one coz he ordered wings.

But I still could not finish. 😂😂 we left the place with 1 uneaten piece. Waste food but can't help it. Too full to even have Chateraise ice cream 😔

Trying out this banana milk drink from Korea that my sister bought at a Korean fair yesterday. They were apparently having 1 for 1 promotion for this drink.

Verdict: It has a very strong banana flavour. I prefer my banana in its true form. Hahahah!

Nine fresh dessert after sharing basil chicken with rice for dinner. Heh.

I think this taiwanese dessert is very worth your money. The cheapest option is $2, yet it is enough to make u full.

It also has it's own membership card. 1 stamp on the card is $2.50 though so add toppings if the dessert you chose did not meet $2.50!